Our Future, Our Choices!

Pandemics and runaway system crises... deliberate destruction of life... social and racial injustice... climate breakdown... a historic turning point for humanity...

Business as usual has led to these crises, let's move on to something else!

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With Our Future – Our Choices, Extinction Rebellion Belgium is calling on everyone to stop the rushed race to "return to normal", and to take stock of our society. What will we choose to keep or give up? What are the things that nourish our lives and societies, and what is superfluous, harmful or unjust?

From 15-27 June, a wave of actions taking place throughout the country will enable everyone to take the time to reflect and write down their personal choices on simple cardboard signs: a red side for what must be abandoned, and a green side for what must be kept. The campaign is developed over 3 stages of increasing intensity which will culminate on 27 June with a big action of civil disobedience in Brussels.

How to take part in the action

Want to help organise the action? Have other questions? Email actionfeedback@extinctionrebellion.be.

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