Part 2: The Wall of our real needs

Reinvent public space as a political venue - June 20 to June 25

Next, we stage a relatively disruptive and disobedient moment in local public spaces to discuss how the system should evolve. What should we keep? Develop? What should be let go?

Goals :

  • Reclaim public space as a political space for civic expression by creating a space to raise awareness of the links between the climate, social, health and economic crises.

  • Stage a cheerful disruption to express "OUR CHOICES" and to invite the public to do the same.

  • Try out a first act of civil disobedience for those who are ready.

  • Make the first red / green paper signs for the action of 27.

Find a place where you can reach as many people as possible, and where they can stop easily and comfortably. Come equipped for fun: bring music, fruit juice, cakes ...

Depending on what you choose to do, where you do it, and for how long, your action may be legal, tolerated or forbidden. So the degree of legal risk you take will be zero, low or high.

Examples of places :

  • A park

  • A public square

  • The entrance of a shopping mall

  • In front of a bank branch

  • The entrance of a polluting business

  • The entrance of a hospital

  • A building that symbolises government (city hall, etc.)

Examples of installations (how your action takes shape):

  • Tie string between 2 trees to connect leaves of choice

  • Use a public announcement board to post choice posters

  • Cover the facade of a building with a red and green fabric (without causing damage) and glue the choices on the fabric.

Examples of how long the action could last:

  • 1 hour

  • 1 afternoon

  • 1 day

  • Several days

The 3 scenes of the action

This action will be carried out by affinity groups of 5 to 10 people, and may consist of several "scenes". You don't have to stage all 3 scenes, but it's would be a great goal to shoot for ;-) :

Scene 1: Wall of your real needs

  • Build a wall on which to post our real needs (Green/Red choices).

  • 2 to 4 rebels take care of building, developing and maintaining the wall over time.

Scene 2: System Failure

  • Secondary scene where we engage in a conversation about the links between human activity and systemic effects (social, ecological, climatic) with the "System Failure" poster as a reference point.

  • 2 rebels explain the poster and then invite participants to move on to the "My Choices" scene.

=> Add the link to the System Failure poster

Scene 3: Our Choices

  • Passers-by are invited to make red and green signs, either for the wall, or for act 3 (or both).

  • 2 to 4 rebels make their Red and Green signs and invite passers-by to do the same.

Organisation - Preparation

Join a local XR group and/or training session to create or find an affinity group and prepare for this act together.

=> Intro sessions => Training sessions

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