Action manual

  1. ​Act 1 – 15–19 June: micro-local and online actions

  2. Act 2 – 20–25 June: local actions

  3. Act 3 – 27 June: national action

Context: a historic moment

The choice we face today is the question: What is essential? What nourishes our lives, without jeopardizing the future of our children? What is superfluous, harmful or unjust?

As we come out of lockdown we call on everyone to take stock of our society and to make these choices: what will we keep and what will we give up.

Instead of rushing towards the mirage of "economic recovery", shouldn't we use this moment to come together and reflect on what should be done? Whole sections of our lifestyles and political choices cannot be reconciled with a dignified and sustainable life for all. Instead of putting this broken and dangerous machine back on the road, would it not be better to leave it behind for good and build something else?

We are at a turning point today. Profound choices must be made that will determine the future for everyone. And as our governments move towards a "return to normal", they are making those choices for us. Do we agree with their decisions? Are there no lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 crisis? The pre-crisis situation has already led us once into crisis. Why go back there again?

Covid-19 brings us face to face with the systemic nature of the problems that afflict us. For the first time, on a global scale, we see how multiple crises - health, ecological, social, cultural and economic - share the same underlying cause: an economic system based on production and consumption, that exploits and destroys humans lives and our natural world; a way of living that consumes the ecosystems on which life itself depends.

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