Action agreement

Please read and agree before engaging in an action with XR!

This agreement is the binding framework for actions by Extinction Rebellion Belgium (XR). We are taking action to make the public as well as the governments of the world aware of the ecological, social and political crisis we are in. We rebel because we and all the living beings we share this planet with are threatened by extinction.The basis of our actions are our ten principles and values as well as our three demands. Because of the political, economical and social reality we are forced to breach the societal normality through disruptive actions of peaceful civil disobedience and we believe by doing this we can induce the necessary change. We regret having to disturb the public life and the public order. We behave peacefully and respectfully towards our fellow humans as they are trying to go on with their daily routine.We invite all humans who accept this action consensus to help us bring about the necessary change together. We respect that there are other movements that differ from us and maybe choose different tactics and ways of communicating during their actions. For the upcoming action, anyone who acknowledges the below bullet points is welcome to participate.

  • Peace and respect for all are central values of our rebellion. Misanthropic and discriminating statements and actions are not welcome.

  • We are strictly non-violent when it comes to our actions, communication with the public, the police and among ourselves. We treat every human with dignity and respect.

  • We film and take pictures of our actions in order to generate publicity.

  • We stand accountable for our actions and do not hide our faces. When in contact with others, we avoid any verbal or physical altercations.

  • Our understanding of non-violence includes not actively resisting measures by the police. In case of clear-outs and arrests we behave peacefully and refrain from active physical resistance, for example by linking arms with each other.

  • Our own safety and the safety of our fellow humans is our highest priority. We plan actions carefully and pay attention to keeping emergency escape routes accessible.

  • We constantly inform ourselves about the potential legal consequences of our actions and only move into action once we are aware of those consequences.

  • We do not carry out any actions under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

  • In addition to protest and civil disobedience we create a regenerative culture that is healthy, adaptable and resilient. We support each other during the creation of this culture in order to overcome our toxic system together.

  • We encourage our fellow humans to become active and contribute towards the necessary change.

  • We are aware that not every human is privileged to take the legal risks of committing civil disobedience. When we carry out actions of civil disobedience, we do this with the awareness that there are people who cannot take the associated risks. We stand by them with the same solidarity they give us when we are arrested or experience other forms of repression by the state. This mutual solidarity is of the utmost obligation to us all.

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