Part 1: The map "Our Future - Our Choice"

Individual reflection and co-creation of a map "Our Future - Our Choice" -15–19 June

This first act is the foundation of the 14 days of action. Here we will place our choices to create a virtual map, "Our Future - Our Choice". Set aside an hour of calm to go through all 3 phases of the act. This is an important moment; a moment of reflection and co-creation that will guide our future.

Phase 1: this upset me

Take a few moments to note anything that has personally upset you – shocked you, made you cry, made you angry – now, and during these last few months. Don't hold anything in, just let it flow.

Phase 2: my choices

Now list everything you feel it is important society keeps or develops (GREEN), and everything that you feel should be stopped, reduced or changed (RED).

You can do this exercise several times for different sectors:

  • GREEN/RED for a resilient society (health, food, agriculture, poverty, discrimination, animals, nature, climate, finance, transport).

  • GREEN/RED for economic activities: the petrochemical industry, the automobile industry, aeronautrical, banking and livestock farming, fashion.

And at multiple levels:

  • GREEN/RED for the choices to make in your local area

  • GREEN/RED for the choices to make nationally

Try to be as concrete and specific as possible.

Phase 3: the virtual map "Our Future - Our Choice"

Once you have listed your choices, place them on our virtual map of Belgium. Over the 14 days of action we will watch the map fill up, and you will see the choices of others and swap ideas with others in your region and across the country. This map will show how many of us are reclaiming our citizen power. => link to the map => tutorial below This map will be filled in anonymously. All we need is your first name (or an alias) and the town, city or village you live in.

Taking this time to reflect and then placing your choices on the map is extremely important to us, because it will form the basis for acts 2 and 3.

Map tutorial

Click on + to create a new post-it

Select your town or village.

On the post-it: 1. Add your alias OR your first name 2. Add your 3 priority green choices 3. You can upload your "green" document containing your reflections and your other choices, or upload an image OR a video.

The post-it will be shown automatically on the map.

Click on the map and again on your post-it. Then click on the 3 buttons at the top-right of the post-it.

Select the colour green for your « green choices. »

Now create a second post-it with your « red choices », and select the colour red.

Discover the choices of other citizens:

  1. Like those that you, um, like.

  2. Add comments – engage in a dialog with others from your region.

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