Part 2: Sharing

Invitation to join the co-creation of the map "Our Future - Our Choice", 17–19 June

Once you have filled in the map, ask 3 people you know to express their choices and complete it too.

This could be your family, friends, colleagues, or if you are part of a citizen movement, members of that movement.

Send them an email with the link to the virtual map "Our Future - Our Choice". (We've prepared a template email you can use, just below). If you are on Facebook, we also invite you to share the campaign event.

=> share the event

An email template for sharing this action:

Hello [first name],

I'm participating in the action campaign "Our Future - Our Choices" of Extinction Rebellion, taking place from 15–27 June (so it's happening right now ;-)).

It's a campaign of citizen expression in 3 acts, that calls on everybody to mark their opposition to a return to the pre-crisis situation and to claim the right to determine our new future: a future based on respect for planetary limits, social justice and solidarity.

I have already completed the first act, marking my choices for the future in green and red on a virtual map of Belgium:

=> soon the link to the map

I'm taking part in the remaining 2 acts because we are at a pivotal moment and I am deeply convinced that we must all unite to define our future and put pressure on our governments.

You can join the action by registering here

I can't wait to share this action with you...

[your signature]

Once Act 1 has been completed, start preparing for Act 2 so it can start on 20 June.

If you haven't already done so, sign up for a training session, or go to an XR local group for support and communication materials and prepare for Act 2.

=> introductory sessions => training sessions

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