Part 1 : Aperitif "Our Future - Our Choice"

A moment of sharing between neighbours - 20–25 June

The aim is to start a conversation with your neighbours based on the coronavirus crisis, to link it to the climate and social crisis. Allow 2 hours for this conversation.

To prepare for this event:

  1. Choose your location! In front of your house, in a park, or any other public space. Try to find a place where you have access to the internet to share the virtual map of "Our Future - Our Choice".

  2. Ask your friends (who all did act 1) to join in.

  3. Create 2 idea boxes (shoe boxes or similar), one painted red, the other green.

  4. Prepare some sheets of paper and red and green marker pens.

  5. Make a list of the equipment to prepare for your event

  6. Send out an invitation (example below) to your neighbours by phone or door-to-door, or by placing a poster at the entrance of your building.

  7. Prepare what you did in Act 1, as well as the virtual map.

During the event:


  • Introduce each other in 30 seconds, and explain the purpose of this meeting: "The purpose of this "Our Future - Our Choices" aperitif is to discuss our feelings during the coronavirus crisis, how it helps us to identify our real needs, and to decide what we should keep or give up at all levels – individual, neighbourhood, community and nationally"

  • Explain the framework of the meeting: "This meeting is part of the "Our Future - Our Choice" campaign that Extinction Rebellion is leading from 15–27 June. The idea today is to take a moment together to reflect on what we can learn from the coronavirus crisis. What do we need to change to meet our basic needs? We will speak about the choices that will allow society to become supportive, resilient and prepared to manage new crises that may arise. Then at the end I will give information on the following actions if you would like to join in.


  1. Start a round-table discussion on the question "How do I feel today?"

  2. Ask everyone to take 2 sheets of paper and to think about what they want to keep / give up (based on the 2 questions of Bruno Latour's questionnaire).

  3. Ask everyone to put their papers in the red/green boxes.

  4. Ask everyone in turn to draw a green and a red choice at random and read them: it's time for the exchange. The goal is not to reach a consensus, just to express, exchange and understand.


  1. Explain the principle of the virtual map and ask those present to complete the virtual map with their 3 major choices (GREEN/RED).

  2. Explain the rest of the campaign: the wall of real needs and the national action on 27 June (there are materials available in the local XR groups to help with this).

  3. Ask everyone to put their choices back into the GREEN/RED boxes, to be displayed on the expression walls.

  4. Ask for emails from people interested in participating in the action of the 27th.

  5. Finish by asking how each person felt about the experience.

Here is a sample invitation you can distribute to your neighbours:

The coronavirus pandemic is a consequence of the ecological crisis, caused by the way we live on the planet. How do we prepare for what comes next? What choices should we make?

I live in [put your address] and I'd like to give you a moment to discuss this [date] at [time].

Bring whatever snacks and drinks you like. This is an opportunity to connect with others around important issues for our future while respecting physical distances and health rules.

[your signature]

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