A campaign in three acts

How will the fortnight of actions play out?

The 3 acts of "Our Future - Our Choice" have been designed so that you can perform them:

Either as a single continuous action spread over two weeks:

  • Start with act 1, from 15–19 June (individually and in your immediate social bubble).

  • Then move on to act 2, 20–25 June (neighbourhood public spaces).

  • Finally, join the apotheosis of act 3: 27 June in Brussels (national gathering).

Or as a menu of three separate acts: choose one, two or all three acts to participate in, depending on your energy, the time you have available, and the risk level you are comfortable with. For act 1 there is no legal risk; in acts 2 and 3 you can set your own level of civil disobedience.

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