Regenerative culture
Here you can read how to organise the regenerative aspect of your affinity group.
    Have regular calls or meetings with your affinity group to:
      get to know each other a bit
      discuss why you are doing the action
      discuss what you will do when people ask you why you are there, or when people react in an aggressive or defensive way
    Form a signal group with all phone numbers of participating rebels, and make sure you can contact everyone in your affinity group
    Make a list of emergency contacts of everybody in your affinity group and share it with everyone in the group.
    Make sure at least one person is following the telegram channel of the action
    Make sure as many people of your affinity group as possible have followed an action training CHECK DATES HERE
    Form buddies: buddy teams are teams of two rebels that have a trust relationship. They stay close to each other during the whole action and watch out for each other.
    Pick one (or two) people in your affinity group that will be the regen people. They get the special task to check on everybody's wellbeing during the action
    Check the weather to see what you have to bring
    Decide what you will do after the action, both in case of arrest or in case of non-arrest.
    Plan a date after the action for a debrief. Yes, do it now already.

DURING the action

Step 1: right before the action (meet at least 30 minutes before)
    meet in a safe zone before the action, at least 30 minutes or an hour before you actually do the action
    start with a warm, comfortable check in: how is everybody feeling? How is everybody doing?
    spend at least 5 minutes only with your buddy to have a more personal conversation, check that you haven't forgotten anything, check on each other's mental wellbeing, make any necessary arrangements.
    go through your plan again: is everything clear to everybody?
    check that you have the arrestee support numbers close by
    check that everybody knows where to go after the action (in case of arrest, a sleepover place)
    check your water supplies and food
    check that everybody has a mask and ask again to respect social distance
Step 2: in full action
    make decisions together as a team, listen to everybody's voice as much as possible
    try to stay calm at all times; check in every so often with your body and emotions; take a pause and concentrate on your breathing for a few moments if you notice any stressed or agitated feelings
    check on each other regularly
    repeat often that everybody can leave the action at any time, there is no need to be arrested if people don't want to or feel uncomfortable
    respect each others boundaries, listen to concerns, share your fears and support each other
    repeat often why you do this action, why you are here


    Go to the safe space you have organised with your affinity group and rest together
    if you feel like it already: do a debrief. You can find a format here
    call each other (buddies) after the action to check on everybody's wellbeing
    plan a meeting to fully debrief a couple of days after the action
    sunscreen or raincoat
    hand sanitizer, maybe gloves
    small medical kit (bandages, desinfectant, physiological serum, sanitary pads, tissues)
    food and drinks
    battery charger and power bank
    your ID card
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