Part 3: Local Freeze

Let's disrupt the momentum of the return to "Business as usual": 23–25 June.

"Freeze" is about halting movement in the public space while brandishing your red/green sign.

​​​Standing perfectly still for an extended period in the midst of urban activity, we will draw a stark contrast to the flow of "Business as Usual" passing through our cities, disrupting the normal course of things and challenging anyone on the move. The Freeze may impose varying levels of risk depending on the location, duration, and number of rebels participating. With the Freeze, you send a strong message to the local elected representatives, and it's a rehearsal for act 3 which will take place on the 27th in Brussels.

We advise you to:

  • Only carry out the "Freeze" between 23–25 June in order to prepare the big day on the 27th.

  • Take the day off on Friday 26 June to be fit for the 27th. Join a local XR group and/or training to prepare for and participate in this act.

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