Act 2 - Local actions

20 – 25 June: expressing our real needs for the future!

We will create places and moments of convivial debate in local public places. You can design these moments to be disruptive and disobedient (or not!) but whatever you do, keep them friendly and welcoming!

These will be moments to speak to one other about how our society should change. What should we keep or develop? What should we abandon or change?

Act 2 will take 3 forms to choose from:

  • an aperitif between neighbours

  • an expression wall in a square, in a shopping mall, in front of a hospital, a bank, a company...

  • trying out, at your local level the gesture of act 3: the "Freeze"

You can choose to organise or participate in as many of these as you like.

Join a local XR group and we will give you support and resources to make your act succeed.

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